Our conviction is that many organisations can increase their added value if they invest more in their future strategy.

Our conviction is that many organisations can increase their added value if they invest more in their future strategy.

What sets
Strategy Unit

The world is changing fast. You probably also notice this in your direct environment and in the challenges that you or your organisation are facing. It is good that you are aware of this challenging future. It would, however, be great to bring that future closer. Realising the future!

Our conviction is that many organisations can increase their added value if they invest more in the execution of their future strategy.

Complex issues require deliberate attention, solid context awareness, clear course determination and an energetic approach to achieve them. Strategy Unit supports you in this process by offering our combined services consisting of:

  • sharp analysis (shaping your compass)
  • inspiring solutions (guiding ambitions)
  • execution with impact (advancing results)

Strategy Unit helps you to determine a clear direction by means of a clear analysis. Naturally. However, we only consider our service a success if we have proven to be able to accelerate your performance and reach.

We believe in this combination of advice and realisation. In this process, our goal is to increase your organisational capacity, the speed of your decision-making process and your ability to perform. In order to achieve this, we bring along our commitment, enthusiasm, knowledge and networks. However, the personal contact you have with us probably is even more important. Just like the dedication that you can expect from us when it comes to solving your problem.

Strategy Unit

Strategy Unit is a consultancy firm that works together with its clients to strengthen the strategic capacity of organisations. We deliver a sharp analysis, inspiring solutions plus impactful execution. That’s what it’s about. We bring the future closer.

Preferably we unit our strategic competences in a team, complementary to the client. If solving the problem requires attracting additional expertise we involve specific experts for example in the fields of management and organisation, financial expertise, creativity & innovation, implementation and coaching. In this way, Strategy Unit combines the disciplines that are needed to achieve the result you desire, within and outside your organisation.
With us, content is central. Our personal relation. The value we add for your organisation. The speed in which we achieve results. The dedication you can expect from us when it comes to solving your problem.
In this we make the difference.

Edgar van Leest

Strategy Unit was founded by Edgar van Leest and operates from Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Edgar van Leest has extensive experience in ecosystem development, public-private partnerships and strategy formulation. He combines more than 20 years of professional experience as a strategist, consultant and lobbyist in a dynamic context of industry, knowledge institutes and government.


Foto: Bram Saeys

Edgar van Leest


Edgar van Leest holds a degree as a management and organisational expert (Radboud University). For a period of 10 years he gained experience at various consultancy firms in strategic advice, research and evaluations for ministries, regions and major cities, education and knowledge institutes, training and development funds and sector organisations.

After that he worked for Brainport Development, the economic development agency of Brainport Eindhoven for over 10 years. In his role as director for Brainport Development he was responsible for strategy and joint lobby initiatives of companies, knowledge institutes and governments (triple helix) to Dutch national government and European institutions. In this capacity, he consulted many delegations of public and business organisations from both the Netherlands and abroad, to exchange learning experiences and to promote shared interests.

In 2017 Edgar van Leest started Strategy Unit.

Foto: Bram Saeys; Strategy Unit, Christian Janssen

Christian Janssen


Christian has a master's degree in Business Geography from Utrecht University. In light of his master thesis, he did research on an innovation in the value proposition of the Brainport Eindhoven region: the use of specific market niches. Therefore, he had to make an analysis of the innovation-ecosystem with regard to any detail, which he generated by thorough desk research and by interviewing key players in high-tech companies and knowledge institutes. A value proposition is an important instrument in the development of an economic strategy. An effective proposition strengthens the acquisition strategy and thus positively effects the choice of Foreign Direct Investments and (international) talent for a certain company, campus or region.

Christian is delighted to join Strategy Unit, where he immediately felt comfortable. Christian: ''I'm curious by nature and joyful to bring specific background information and underlying effects into vision. At Strategy Unit I'm offered a chance to do so at very contemporary subjects and for challenging clients.